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What’s that in the sand?

You think you know stress?  Chris Walker could tell you a thing or two about the subject.

Chris was ready to propose to his long-term girlfriend Carissa, whom he met at the human-powered submarine races in San Diego.  Both are engineers and very practical, sensible people who would never take absurd chances except under the most dire circumstances.

But Chris knew he needed to make a big impact with his proposal, so he did something entirely out of character in its level of risk and uncertainty.  He placed the ring in the sand at a beach near their apartment, then picked Carissa up from work and suggested they go beachcombing on their way home.

The beads of sweat didn’t give him away as he led her along the beach toward the ring he hoped was still there…

…and it was.  They were married the following April.

This was one of their engagement photos.

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