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Great Expectations

Attempt #1

When the poppies in my front yard began to bloom I got the idea of doing a time-lapse image of one of them doing so.  In my mind it was a gorgeous, subtle transformation and explosion of color.

So I spent about an hour setting up lights and background, calibrating the camera and programming an intervalometer to shoot one photo every five seconds.  After about 10 hours of filming I had this (the one on the white background).


Not to be daunted, I tried again.  Since the garden needed some serious weeding, it seemed like a good day for it.  The camera could click happily away while I attacked the raspberries, which are my most problematic invasive species.

The most likely candidate poppy was located and braced so that it didn’t flop around too much; the camera batteries were charged; a strobe was placed next to the flowers to light them (so that the sunshine didn’t throw off the exposure too much) and I let the setup run until the rain started, several hours later.

Attempt #2

So, with much fanfare, here’s attempt #2!

Sigh.  Guess this gets filed under the categories of watched pots never boiling.

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