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Hopkinton Hop

The Hopkinton Hop is a goofy little race I put together in 2009 when my wife had qualified for the Boston Marathon but I hadn’t. She categorically forbade me from running bandit in the race, so I caught the 4:06 a.m. train from Back Bay to Framingham, then ran to Hopkinton and turned around, running the rest of the course for the Boston Marathon. I had a great time, running about 32 miles and having time to take a shower and still sit and watch the elite runners pass through Brookline.

This year The Hop grew a bit, attracting six entrants, three of whom actually showed up and ran!  I ended up running about 43 miles from Boston to West Natick and back, all before the leaders of the Boston Marathon caught up.

Next year looks more interesting, since I finally managed to qualify for Boston.  Such has been the interest in the hop that I’ll probably end up running both marathons back-to-back.  I can hardly wait!

Horse smoking a cigar (the crest for 'The Hop')
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