Guys in Ties

Rockin' good guy in a suit

I often describe my corporate work as “the art of transforming nervous dudes in suits into interesting human beings.

Don’t get me wrong – some guys wear a a suit to a beach party and look comfortable doing so, but here in the Seattle area such men are somewhat rare, and I am certainly not one of those gentlemen.

Personally I think there’s a finishing school in Paris or Milan to which modern gentlemen escape for intensive training on the subject, but I have been unable to discover the location of this place.  If anyone knows, please inform me!  My wife would really appreciate my attending a course or two.

Most of the time, however, the guy in front of my camera is nervous and uncomfortable – unsure of how he looks, or how he should look.  My goal in these situations is not to make him look perfect, but to make him look interesting.

My policy is to encourage people to be themselves as much as possible, and this usually leads to images that are much more clear, honest and enjoyable.

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