Kitties Kitties Kitties Kitties!

Because every photographer really exists only to photograph his or her pets I present to you, my dear reader, our kitties!

Jasper is the older of the two litter-mates, and also the more rambunctious of the two, perhaps due to the number of times he’s smashed into walls while chasing toys or trying to leap on his sister.

Luna is much more reserved and, frankly, clever.  Jasper will instantly attack your ankles, but Luna will wait until you take off your socks so that she can get right to your achilles.  Then she will fall asleep in your shoe.

These kitties are helping (a little) to fill the hole in our hearts left when our last kitty Xanthe passed away.  There aren’t replacements, of course, but they certainly do an excellent job of distracting us from our loss!

Sleepting kitty under the watchful gaze of a plastic squirrel
Xanthe sleeps one off

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