Yet More Gratuitous Cat Photos

Can I really be accused of exploiting my kids if there’s a good reason? I needed to test the integration of the WP-Smugmug extension with my website, so why not shoot some photos of the little monsters? Click on any image to show them larger. Lighting diagram in last photo. 🙂

Jasper & Luna

Today’s attempt to wear out the kids so I can get some work done.

  • JaLu-09
  • JaLu-08
  • JaLu-10
  • JaLu-11
  • JaLu-12
  • JaLu-07
  • JaLu-06
  • JaLu-02
  • JaLu-03
  • JaLu-04
  • JaLu-05
  • JaLu-01
  • JaLu-16
  • JaLu-13
  • JaLu-14
  • JaLu-15
  • JaLu-17

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