Matto Roboto

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Client: A large temporary staffing companyObjective: Create opening video for an industry conferenceSolution: Riff on a classic Volkswagen commercial In 1999 a relatively unknown Tony Hale (later to become “Buster” in Arrested Development) starred in what was destined to become … Continue reading

Kids of All Ages

Weddings are all about the kids. Parents’ tears are an expression of sadness for the loss of their little girl or boy who now stands at the altar.  This primes them to react with joy at the sight of a … Continue reading


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You’re German.  Your bride is Mexican.  You both want to celebrate your heritage during the wedding ceremony. Elicia Sanchez and Brian Davey decided to hold a “Germexican” wedding – sort of a Día de Los Muertos meets Octoberfest..  The men … Continue reading

First Big Boy Race

Matt on trail to Corrall Pass Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

The White River 50-mile ultramarathon is – to put it in a nutshell, hard. It involves running a marathon up a mountain on a skinny, windy, rocky trail, followed immediately by a surprisingly similar marathon up and down another, much … Continue reading

Which Camera?

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About once a week I get a question from a friend, family member or aspiring photographer.  It goes something like this: “My father is looking into a solid zoom lens for his Nikon D40 and is considering the Nikkor 24-120mm. … Continue reading

I ♥ Lawyers

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I find contracts hilarious. Wait!  Wait!  Stick with me on this point for a moment! Haven’t you ever read one festooned with inordinate subordinate clauses, heretofores and therewiths shoehorned between first parties of the second party of the indemnity of the … Continue reading

Blind Luck

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Sometimes you get lucky, and other times you have to make your own luck. I’m okay with either one.